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Best of the Cuisine, made with local food

Tapa de picadillo de verduras y setas

Tapas de para compartir

  • Cuenco de ajoblanco con pimientos asados 3,80€
  • Patatas bravas con nuestra mahonesa 4,20€
  • Jamón Ibérico 5 Jotas 100% Bellota 5,10€
  • Mini Plato Alpujarreño: patatas a lo pobre (cebolla y pimiento), egg, chorizo, morcilla y jamón. 5,40€
  • Sartencita de Lagarto con Ajos y Pimientos 5,40
  • Mini-Fritura de pescado del día 5,90€
  • Calamaritos en Aceite de Oliva 5,90€
  • Surtido de quesos de Almería 6,50€
  • Cazuelita de pulpu picante con patatas 6,50€
Tabla de Quesos de Almería

Tapas Gourmet

  • Taco de cordero de los Filabres IGP con pimientos confitados 4,90€
  • Falso Rissoto de pasamar con mahonesa de su tinta 4,90€
  • Tartar Vegano de Tomate Raf 4,90€
  • Boquerones Punk 4,90€
  • Presa ibérica 100% bellota con salsa de ajillo almeriense 6,40€
Ración de Ovillos de gambón y lomos de salmonete

Platos para compartir

  • Tomate de Almería con anchoas 8€ / 14 €
  • Jamón Duroc de Serón 9€ / 16 €
  • Jamón Ibérico 5 Jotas 100% Bellota 14€/25€
  • Fried potatoes with eggs and ham 9€ / 16 €
  • Patatas a lo pobre con huevo y jamón ibérico 5 jotas 14€/25€
  • Croquetas caseras de jamón 9€ / 16 €
  • Dried and Grilled Octopus 10€/20€
  • Presa Iberica 100% Bellota 12€/24€
  • Chuletillas de cabrito IGP Sierra de Filabres 12€/24€

Our customers speak for us

  • image "Tapas something different and quality" Very small but cozy Local. To eat tapas. Almeria cuisine, different from what is offered in the old town. High quality products. I suggest going early as there is little room and no reserve mesas.Te care with kindness. Good quality / price. Chemagg Arnedo TripAdvisor
  • image "Traditional and riquisimo" 5 of 5 stars, the written opinion 3 December 2014 It is one of the few places where you can find traditional food precisely in the province of Almería where it is located. The Grullos reminded me of my grandmother, Typical of yesteryear but all dishes served as tapas. Definitely one of the best places I've been. Eurobazar Carmen TripAdvisor
  • image "The best tavern to taste and know the cuisine of Almeria far and good quality". Try the variety of Almeria beers and wines accompanied by exclusive tapas, news, Fresh and indalianas. If you see someone outside is forced to take this tavern to know our land and if you're from here and do not know well almeria it is best to do it and start with the stomach in Our Land. Gomez Fashion Facebook
  • image Tapas and very typical servings of Almeria, Made with pleasure and with a very fresh and modern look. The deal, great and lovely place. Located in the old town of almeria. And although it is difficult to park in the area if you drive you also have a parking lot to 25 mt. Ruben Perez Google

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